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Kate Middleton Allegedly Wants to ‘Set Record Straight’ About the Story That ‘Infuriates’ Her the Most

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It seems Kate Middleton wants to fight back on the story that allegedly boils her blood more than any other: the Rose Hanbury affair accusations.

Sources told Life & Style that the Princess of Wales is at her “wits’ end,” and wants to “set the record straight” in a way that still honors the royal protocols.

“It hurts that she’s been called everything from a bully to a social climber to a scorned wife,” the source said, saying she’s been “confiding in friends about what’s really happened. She wants to set the record straight.”

While Kate seems to handle a lot of the scrutiny well, it’s alleged that being called a “scorned wife” from the Hanbury drama is what’s making her the most upset.

For those that don’t know, Kate and Hanbury were considered best friends for years. However, after news came in that the two mysteriously drifted from one another, cheating rumors swirled around Prince William and Hanbury in 2019. Due to different reports that highlighted the fact that the pair lived only a few blocks away from each other, and the fact that the two couples have appeared in public together a few times.

Sources added that while Kate is “very secure in her relationship with William,” Hanbury affair rumors “infuriate [her].”

“She’d love it if she never heard Rose’s name again. Friends say Kate is very secure in her relationship with William and it’s beneath her to even address the ‘other woman’ nonsense that her detractors try to use against her,” the source said to the same outlet. “Her inner circle knows that truth and she trusts they will have her back amid whatever drama pops up.”

Will she address them? Well, it seemed as though she and Hanbury patched things up when Kate was seen at the music festival that took place at Hanbury’s residence, but other outlets have claimed their relationship is still on the rockier side. So while the royal family has shut down what Hanbury rumors in the past, many believe Kate may work to shut them down in her own way soon.

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