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Meghan Markle Trembles as Prince William Slams Sussexes for Fake PR, Declares September Meeting with King Not Welcome

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According to sources, Meghan Markle is said to be feeling disgusted and trembling after Prince William criticized the Sussexes for their fake public relations regarding peace talks with the King in September.

The Daily Beast has reported that rumors of a meeting between Prince Charles and Prince Harry in September are unfounded, and William remains deeply disgusted by his own brother’s actions.

Contrary to certain claims, insiders from Buckingham Palace and friends of King Charles and Prince William scoff at the notion of royal peace talks with Prince Harry being on the agenda. They dismiss reports of a physical meeting on September 17th, emphasizing that the King is scheduled to make an important state visit to France just three days later.

A friend of Prince William expressed doubt that even if Charles were open to meeting Harry, who was reportedly planning to stop over in the UK after attending the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, William would agree to such a meeting. The details of their previous secret three-way meeting, initiated by Harry after Prince Philip’s funeral, were revealed in the opening section of Harry’s memoir.

In the book, Harry described how he flew home solely for the meeting, which took place in a Royal graveyard in Windsor. He mentioned that William, whom he referred to as his arch nemesis, was ready for a fight, and Charles pleaded with his sons, asking them not to make his final years miserable.

A friend of William informed The Daily Beast that Charles has no intention of seeing Harry, and William feels similarly. William reportedly feels utterly betrayed by what Harry wrote about him in the book and said about him on Netflix.

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The source stated that William and Harry were once very close, so the situation is particularly painful for him. The source described it as William’s worst nightmare, a violation of his privacy, and pointed out that Harry also criticized Kate and the way he is raising his children. Understandably, William remains absolutely disgusted by his brother’s actions.

William’s friends consistently portray him as taking an uncompromising stance against his brother, whom he believes has betrayed him. Friends of Queen Elizabeth also expressed dismay at Harry’s bitter remarks against the monarchy during her final years. On the other hand, friends of the new King and Queen have attempted to adopt a more conciliatory tone. Although reports of a potential meeting emerged over the weekend, friends of the King dismissed them, but not before rumors circulated regarding the exact date of the peace talks between King Charles and Prince Harry.

According to a well-placed source, Meghan Markle is not expected to be present during the rumored meeting. However, it is reported that Harry is set to return home to California via London next month after the conclusion of the Invictus Games in Germany. Meanwhile, the King is scheduled to return from his summer holiday in Baltimore in mid-September, which means both the Monarch and his youngest son will be in the British capital at the same time.

Consequently, there is speculation that they could potentially meet and attempt to alleviate tensions within the royal family following the release of Harry’s explosive memoir and his and Meghan’s Netflix documentary series.

Plans are reportedly being made for the peace talks to occur on September 17th, prior to the King’s trip to France on December 20th. However, these details were mentioned in an article from OK magazine, so their accuracy should be taken with caution.

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