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Royally Awkward: King Charles and Camilla’s Most Embarrassing Moments

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King Charles and Queen Camilla look very happy and devoted to each other now, but their story wasn’t always smooth. Before they got married in 2005, they faced many challenges.

Charles and Camilla first dated in the 1970s, but both married other people later. Their affair became public, causing a scandal. Here’s a look at their journey.

In the 1970s, Charles and Camilla started dating. Camilla later got blamed for problems in Charles’ marriage to Diana Spencer, who was very popular.

They faced a lot of criticism from the public, but now people see them as a devoted couple. Royal expert Michael Cole said, “They hold each other up. They’re very devoted to one another.” However, it took time for the public to accept them.

Public Disapproval

In 2001, their first public kiss at a charity event upset many people. Some thought it was inappropriate for royals. Royal expert Myka Meier said that senior royals should know when showing affection is appropriate.

When they married in 2005, not everyone was happy. Some felt Camilla shouldn’t be queen. One person told the Press Association, “He could do better. I do not think it should go ahead, definitely not. How could she possibly be queen?”

Even after becoming king, Charles had moments of public disapproval. In December 2022, he seemed upset when Camilla kept talking to people after meeting actor Ryan Reynolds. Body language expert Judi James said Charles showed he had a short temper, “taking it out on his wife” and should have been “kinder and more loving toward Camilla.”

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Another big scandal happened when a private phone call between Charles and Camilla was leaked. In this 1989 call, Charles joked about wanting to be reincarnated as Camilla’s tampon. The media called it “Tampongate.” Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe wrote in his book “Guarding Diana” that the backlash was “savage” and some questioned if Charles was fit to be king.

Despite all these challenges, King Charles and Queen Camilla have shown they are committed to each other and are now respected by many.

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