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Man jailed for 16 years after assaulting a woman, leaving her with horrific injuries

A man has been jailed for 16 years after he assaulted a woman, leaving her with horrific injuries.
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A man named Anthony Edinburgh has been sent to jail for a long time, 16 years, because he hurt a woman very badly. This happened when he attacked her without any reason. The incident took place in a neighborhood called Lozells on April 7. Anthony Edinburgh is 59 years old.

The cameras that record things on the street showed him there during the attack.

After the police caught him on April 13, they looked in his home and found the clothes he was wearing during the attack. These clothes looked just like the ones in the camera recordings. Even though he said he didn’t do it, he was still charged with hurting the woman on purpose.

The woman he hurt is now in a place where doctors take care of her because she got hurt so badly. The court where they decide what happens to people who break the law, called Birmingham Crown Court, gave Anthony Edinburgh his punishment on August 14.

A detective named Sergeant Sharon Owen, who is part of a team that deals with serious crimes, said, “This was a really terrible thing to do to a woman who couldn’t protect herself. Anthony Edinburgh is clearly someone who can be dangerous to others. We worked really hard to make sure the person who got hurt gets justice. The punishment he got shows how serious his crime was. We won’t allow this kind of violence against women and girls.”

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