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Brother And Sister Were in a Relationship, High On Drugs And Engaging In Indecent Activities Before Brother Beat Her to Death

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A 27-year-old man named Cody has confessed to causing the death of his 18-year-old sister, Heather, behind a school, as detailed in court documents.

Prosecutors revealed that Cody and Heather had an improper relationship, and during questioning, Cody admitted to both the relationship and the tragic incident that led to Heather’s death.

According to official records, their family had been aware of this problematic relationship for quite some time. Cody revealed that they were using drugs and engaging in inappropriate activities in a nearby park. Shockingly, during one of these incidents, Heather allegedly asked Cody to harm her, but he hesitated.

Cody confessed to harming Heather on multiple occasions during their activities in the park and then carrying her back home before going to sleep. It was a terrible morning when he woke up and found Heather unresponsive, not breathing, and, tragically, she seemed to have lost her life.

Family members rushed Heather to a hospital, where medical professionals, to their dismay, confirmed her death. During the course of the investigation, prosecutors detained several family members, including three adults who were present in the house during these events.

Adding to the complexity of this tragic situation, Cody’s and Heather’s mother, Colleen, also faces legal troubles.

She stands accused of not telling the truth to the police when Cody called her to inform her about Heather’s death. Initially, Colleen claimed she didn’t know what had happened, but upon further questioning, she eventually admitted that she had sensed something was terribly wrong when she saw Cody’s solemn expression and heard him mention that something terrible had occurred.

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