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Enough Of This: Boats Immigrants Should Not Be Allowed To Live With Family Members Already In UK- Patrick Christys (Video)

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GB News presenter Patrick Christys has voiced concerns about the government’s approach to the migration crisis.

He expressed his worry about migrants who are arriving in the UK through the English Channel, being informed that they can live with their family members who are already residing in the country. The presenter also noted that it is uncertain how many migrants are currently living with their families in British communities.

The leader of the Parish Council in the vicinity of RAF Wethersfield has reported that people are being moved from hotels to a detention center where they are being asked if they have family members in the UK who can provide them with accommodation.

Patrick Christys has expressed his disapproval of this tactic, as he believes it may convey the wrong message to other countries. He has raised concerns that the UK may be unintentionally promoting illegal immigration instead of prioritizing legal migration.

Patrick Christys expressed his growing concerns after discovering that individuals who claim to be victims of human trafficking or modern slavery will not be housed in former military bases or barges, as previously believed. According to Home Office guidelines, these individuals will still be placed in hotels.

The presenter has questioned the reasoning behind this decision, especially when considering that migrants with family connections are being housed differently. They have stressed that if victims of trafficking or slavery are not accommodated differently, the existing rules may become irrelevant.

Patrick Christys ended on a sarcastic note, suggesting that the UK’s ability to detain and deport migrants may only be possible if they come with their families and then choose to leave for personal reasons. This observation highlighted the government’s conflicting and intricate approach to handling the migration crisis.

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