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If We Kill Cash, Small Business Will Be Affected. Lot Of Traders Depends On Cash-Nigel Farage

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During a talk with Gbnews host Nigel Farage, he talked about supporting the campaign to keep cash as a way to pay for things. He explained that having a bank account nowadays is a lot like having water and electricity at home. It’s something most people need because we live in the modern world. But he’s worried that if we stop using cash, it could cause problems.

Nigel Farage is concerned that if we get rid of cash, it might hurt small businesses. He said that lots of small traders all around the country depend on cash to run their shops. These traders might have trouble if they have to use credit cards or digital payments, especially if they don’t have the internet.

He talked about something called the “debanking campaign” that he’s been a part of. He noticed that banks are making it harder to use cash. For instance, if you want to take out a good amount of cash from your bank account, they might ask you why. And if you want to put cash into a bank, they might limit how much you can put in each month or year. This is making it tough for regular people, especially those who don’t live in big cities.

Nigel Farage is worried about the future. He thinks that by 2030, we might use a kind of digital money from the Central Bank. This could mean the government could control how we spend our money. He thinks this could take away some of our freedom. He believes that for many reasons, it’s a good idea to keep using cash.

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He pointed out that a lot of people agree with him. In a short time, more than 250,000 people signed a petition for this campaign. This shows that many people care about this topic. Nigel Farage believes that this is an important issue, especially for a news channel like Gbnews, which is still quite new.

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