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I Assisted Boat Migrant After Seeing Them On The Sea While Fishing, Then Called Authorities – Oliver Whitfield-Miočić (Video)

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In a recent interview with Gbnews, Oliver Whitfield-Miočić, a fisherman from the area, provided insight into the current controversy surrounding the arrival of migrants via the UK-France border. With tensions escalating due to the increasing number of individuals attempting this dangerous journey, Whitfield-Miočić offered a valuable perspective from his unique position.

According to Whitfield-Miočić, when the weather is good, migrants come across the English Channel throughout the day. He observed the constant movement of migrant boats and the involvement of the UK Border Force in bringing them back to Dover.

During a recent fishing trip, Whitfield-Miočić encountered a small boat with distressed passengers who signaled for help with a makeshift flag. He investigated and found the migrants hanging off the side of the boat. Whitfield-Miočić assisted them and alerted customs authorities, leading to their rescue by the Border Force.

Whitfield-Miočić also commented on the role of vessels on the French side, stating that some vessels were almost assisting the boats to come over to England. He mentioned escort vessels, such as a trawler named “Apollo Moon” and a Dutch safety vessel named “Avenged Charlie,” among others.

Despite the ongoing situation, Whitfield-Miočić questioned the authorities’ approach and expressed concern about the escorting of migrant boats to the border. He likened the situation to law enforcement’s role in preventing crime, stating that crossing the border illegally is a crime. Whitfield-Miočić suggested that authorities should stop the boats to prevent further illegal crossings.

As the migrant crossings issue continues to be a topic of debate and concern, insights from those on the front lines, like Whitfield-Miočić, provide a unique perspective on the challenges and complexities involved.

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