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Meghan Markle Want to Become An Influencer, First To Do Everything- Kinsey Schofield

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During an interview with Kinsey Schofield on TalkTV, Jeremy Kyle asked about Megan’s aspirations. Schofield revealed that Megan wants to be a wellness coach. However, Jeremy expressed his skepticism, suggesting that Megan simply wants to be an influencer with a superiority complex.

According to her, being an influencer is an effortless job where one can avoid disagreements with others. He believes that Megan’s desire to become an influencer and trendsetter is evident in her recent relaunch of The Tig.

Jeremy finds it interesting how Megan wants people to perceive her as a visionary who can forecast the future and be the first to wear or do something.

Below are some reactions from viewers on youtube:

@clee2598: Meghan Markle was given a huge platform to do good in this world. Instead she told a weak prince who had his therapist on speed dial she wanted to kill herself and her unborn child. The weak prince held her and later told Oprah and wrote about it in his book Spare so everyone could see how aweful they were treated because Harry couldn’t get help because it would look bad after his Heads Up commercials telling everyone to seek help if they need it. Wow what a great influencer they are!

@tonistark4169: Good job Megs!!! From the Palace to the Duchess of the Parking Lot!
How the “mighty” have fallen and I’m here for it!!!!😂😂😂😂
Harry having “buyers remorse”????
Jealousy is a bitter mistress!

@sionc3194: If she wants to be an influencer which is laughable, the Royal title should be removed from her.
She is not an influencer but a Grifter who would do anything, whatever it takes whether lies or fabrication for $$$ and PR stunts.
How could she be an influencer? She doesn’t have originality but a copycat and plagiarism.

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@ester_22: I don’t understand why the King does not put titles in abeyance. This is ridiculous. He has the legal right to do it, but he doesn’t. How can you hold a title when you are never in the UK, don’t work for the RF and instead are using titles to monetize. Parliament on the other hand, keeps postponing readings on purpose while it can dotl this urgently based this is a violation of constitutional monarchy rules.

@Msfifisquarepantz: There is no better place to become a phoney and a climber than Los Angeles and Meg grew up there. Learned from birth. Then her dad, being on the actual skilled end of show business, wanting to build his princess from the ground up. Give her everything to be able to succeed in life. What any good parent would do. How could he know what was to become the final result of his efforts.

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