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We Care About Migrants, But British Citizens Who are Waiting for Homes Must Get First Before Migrants- Local residents in Darlington tell Council

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In a recent interview on Gbnews, a local leader named Jonathan Dulston from the Tory party shared some important thoughts. He talked about what people in Darlington, the town he represents, have been saying.

He explained that when he and other council members talk to people at their homes, they hear a common message. People care about migrants, but they believe it’s really important to make sure that British citizens who are waiting for homes get taken care of first.

Dulston also talked about a big problem they’re facing with housing in Darlington. Right now, there are 1600 people who are waiting to get a place to live. These people have different kinds of problems and needs. The council, which is like the local government, has a plan to build 1000 new homes in the next 10 years – that’s about 100 new homes every year. But this is not easy. It’s a big challenge.

When Dulston spoke about the opinions of people in his town, he mentioned something interesting. He said that people understand that some migrants are coming from places where life is really hard. They feel sorry for these migrants and want to help them. But there’s something they don’t quite get. They wonder why some migrants are leaving countries in Europe that are safe, like France and Germany. They ask why these migrants take risks to come to the UK. This part doesn’t make sense to the people in Darlington.

To sum it up, Dulston explained that his community has mixed feelings. They care about migrants’ difficulties but are puzzled by the choice of some migrants to leave safe places for risky journeys to the UK. He believes this is something that needs more understanding and discussion.

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