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Some Boats Migrants Are Ungrateful , They Acted as If They Were Entitled to Special Treatment- Kim Rye

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During an interview with Gbnews Reporter Kim Rye, she discussed the challenges faced by migrants. Recently, a boat carrying 52 people, including young children, arrived and Kim was concerned about their safety.

She has witnessed scared children disembarking from these boats before, including one small child who was not with family members. Kim believes that these children are not receiving enough attention and that they are being used by bad people to gain more assistance. This upsets Kim greatly and she wants it to stop.

Kim shared her experiences with migrants arriving at Dungeness. Upon arrival, they are directed to wait on the beach near the Lifeboat station. While some receive food and care, this is not always the case. Kim feels that more assistance should be provided when they arrive. On one occasion, she only saw two police officers and the Lifeboat team, which was insufficient in her opinion.

Kim interacted with migrants and noticed that some of them were not grateful and acted as if they were entitled to special treatment. Some even made rude gestures and comments to the locals, which Kim found unacceptable. She also observed that migrants tend to use their phones as soon as they arrive, and some even shared videos of their journey on TikTok, which Kim found interesting.

In summary, Kim Rye’s interview sheds light on the difficult circumstances that migrants face when crossing the sea. She is concerned about the safety of children, believes that more assistance is needed upon arrival, and hopes that migrants will behave respectfully towards the locals.

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  1. Colin Abrahams

    August 18, 2023 at 7:38 am

    I live on that part of the coast and depending on the sea conditions we see these people arriving several times virtually every day.
    The Coastguard rescue helicopter takes off several times a day, there was a time when it was a reasonably rare occasion but now it is so common we don’t watch it go and return anymore.
    What is very noticeable is that the illegals that arrive here are, I would estimate to be at least 95% males, some are taken straight to hospital for treatment, the rest are taken elsewhere before being put into accommodation.
    Some were put into ex military Barracks with bed and meals are provided, one of the barrack rooms was burnt down, they are also staying full board in local hotels and yet they complain.
    Those that support them have held protests outside the accommodation and tv news programmes have often interviewed the supporters who complain about the inhumane way they perceive the illegals are being treated with no mention of the conditions they were living in in France. The tv new programmes never interview anyone with an alternative opinion only those that support the illegals.
    The left keep running to the courts to get blocks put on the deportation of these people so what chance have the authorities got in getting the job done.
    I don’t have a problem with those that enter the UK legally but those that don’t is what I have a problem with.
    We have know idea where they are really from, who or what they are or their real purpose for wanting to come here.
    They are coached by some unscrupulous lawyers as to what they need to say in order to be allowed to stay.
    The vast majority are not fleeing war or persecution despite what their supporters say.
    I could go on but I think I’ve said enough.

  2. Nosey 50

    August 18, 2023 at 12:37 pm

    If these people come here exspecting every thing for free and are very ungrateful, they should be deported straight away. People who feel sorry for them are soft. These people now Britain is a soft touch and they don’t need anyone to tell them anything as they now every thing before they even get here.They should be deported.

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