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It’s Heartbreaking That Migrants Put Innocent Children On The Boats to Increase Likelihood of Being Rescued- Kim Rye (Video)

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A renowned reporter Kim Rye presented exclusive footage of a significant incident that occurred at Dungeoness Beach during an interview with Gbnews Tv.

The footage showed a boat carrying over 50 individuals, including 7 children, arriving in the morning.

Kim Rye became deeply concerned as it was not safe for the children to be on the boat. She witnessed the children disembarking from the boat, visibly frightened.

It was concerning to see small children on a potentially hazardous boat. Kim Rye pointed out that boat manufacturers might intentionally put children on board to increase the likelihood of being rescued. This practice is unacceptable and should be discontinued.

A group called RNLI helped the people when they got to the beach. RNLI helps people in trouble at sea. Even though it was hard, they helped the people and made sure they were safe.

Below are some reactions from viewers on YouTube:

@evelynhillier2877: They appear entitled because they have been briefed on what to expect; humane treatment, bed, board, £40/week in their hand; the freedom to come and go as they please. They even feel confident enough to complain if the WiFi in their accommodation or the rooms are not to their liking. If I was confident of being received like that I’d be feeling entitled too! But as a British national, I wouldn’t qualify for any assistance if I found myself out on the street.

@johndobbie52:They are coming from countries where their fellow countrymen are making the places so ghastly with corruption and mainly religious fighting. As a result they come to the UK because they are told by unscrupulous traffickers that they will be given a house and can find easy work and other benefits. Unfortunately much of this is true, it’s appalling when we have our own homeless and young families trying to find affordable accommodation.

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@savemefrommorons4489: I have always wondered if they check the dna of these poor kids ( not 40 year old ones) against the man that brought them here… and I have always thought probably not, if you can’t check their teeth no way could you check dna. If they don’t check then we should all take the government to court for child trafficking as they are complicit. Anyone know if they check or not?

@iguiste23: I love how some people are still made to believe the UK can handle this nothing to worry about because the government do not give an actual honest realistic breakdown and mental image of what happens when a nations towns and cities population skyrockets too quickly for it to adjust. it’s a bit long but.
To break it down to an easier example- There are roughly 700.000 to as much as 1.3million migrants crossing the channel and entering the UK each and every year. To put that into perspective for people who just want a rough mental image in their head as to how that spaces out residentially, commercially, industrially and economically across the whole of Britain. Then the population of Sheffield city which is a medium sized major city is sitting at around 585.000, a large major city like Liverpool and the surrounding conurbation sits around the population of 917.000. These cities have taken generations to get to their current populations through industrial, educational, commercial, residential and cultural growth and communities working together. Now going back to the fact there’s around 1.3million migrants entering the UK every year we would have to realistically be building a city around the size of Liverpool to adequately house and edge them into society comfortably and appropriately without the extra strain of squeezing them in and trying to rush rash space. The point is I have got a lot of education in urban design and cartography and know that the numbers coming in are far too heavy on our economic load and will eventually cost this country money it simply doesn’t have. You can’t just allow over a million people to enter a country without first building the foundations for them to reside without a national hitting the brink and eventually going into a major spiral of collapse. What i’m saying is if we continue to increase the national population at the rate we are without the appropriate amount of services, residential zoning and job opportunities, then small villages and towns will begin to struggle to function under the strain. Which in return forces people to move into costly major cities, which will eventually break under the pressure causing a range of sanitation, environmental issues ending a serious decline in public health, early deaths and high crime rates to name a few. The country will effectively wipe itself out economically.

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@oceansunset6147: Only yesterday I was waiting for a bus in the city (not a coastal area): A young family of 7 (5 children roughly between 3 – 15yrs) were waiting at the bus stop speaking a foreign language completely unfamiliar to the area. A language I’ve never heard of before! As every body at the bus stop glared with disapproval and suspicion they cheerful laughed and giggled, their eyes were bright and happy. The woman and the teenage girl wore a scarf over their heads. One of the small children was picking nits out the youngest boy’s hair like a one monkey grooming another.

@johnscott3714: People all over the UK are sick and tired of the ferry service bringing them in daily! Every public service is in freefall in an already vastly overcrowded island. The indigenous population are being replaced by mostly those adhering to the Muslim religion. Not forgetting those coming in in the backs of lorries and every other point of entry and that Boris Johnson gave the ‘right’ for up to five million Hong Kong Chinese to come here as well, and they have been flying in on a weekly basis. The Tories even set-up a government department to show them how to access all public services including the NHS, Housing and Education. Total madness!

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