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Panorama: We Drive old cars Because we can’t afford Electric Cars

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A recent tweet by Steve McGuiness has started a big discussion about electric cars and if they are a good choice for people. McGuiness said on Twitter that when you have an electric car, you might spend a lot of time worrying if you have enough power to go where you need to. He also said that electric cars can be more expensive to buy, and it costs more to charge them.

McGuiness’s message is clear: he thinks people should not buy electric cars because he believes they are not good. However, many people have different opinions about this and have responded to the tweet with their own thoughts.

One of the things McGuiness mentioned is “range anxiety,” which means worrying about how far you can go before the car’s battery runs out. Some people who like electric cars say that the technology is improving, and there are more places to charge them now, so range anxiety is becoming less of a problem.

McGuiness also said that electric cars can be more expensive than cars that use gasoline. Supporters of electric cars argue that although they might cost more to buy at first, they can actually save you money in the long run because you don’t need to buy as much fuel or do as much maintenance. They also mention that there are government incentives and more affordable options available now.

Lastly, McGuiness talked about the cost of charging an electric car. He said it can be expensive. However, people who like electric cars say that charging them at home can be cheaper than buying gasoline. They also point out that more public charging stations are being built, and some of them are even free or have lower costs.

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McGuiness ended his tweet by telling people not to buy electric cars and calling them “utter shite,” which means he thinks they are really bad. But many people disagree with him and think that electric cars are a good choice. This shows that there are different opinions about this topic, and it’s

A Twitter user named Steve D has weighed in on the discussion about electric cars, stating that the primary reason why many people don’t drive electric cars is not the limited availability of charging stations, but rather the high cost associated with purchasing an electric vehicle. Steve D points out that even the most basic electric car, such as a Fiat 500E, starts at around $25,000, making it a costly option for many individuals. As a result, people continue to drive older cars because they cannot afford electric vehicles.

In his tweet:

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