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Birmingham Experienced Heavy downpour and thunderstorms (Videos)

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Over the weekend, the city and nearby places in Birmingham experienced heavy rain and lightning while the country had its warmest days of the year.

People in Birmingham and the surrounding areas should be prepared for more bad weather. Forecasters say there will be a lot of rain coming soon. The recent downpour has made the city wet and caused problems with the roads and buildings.

Below are some of the havoc caused by the heavy downpour and thunderstorms:

Twitter user who had a firsthand experience of a tremendous rainstorm, became quite scared as he witnessed the challenging situation on the road, where vehicles were having a tough time moving due to the intensity of the heavy downpour.

Someone else reported that they witnessed a remarkable event at their workplace. They managed to capture the moment when a lightning bolt struck a tree located outside their place of work, all thanks to the security cameras they had in place.

Another Twitter user, after witnessing the heavy downpour, expressed their resignation by stating, “I suppose we won’t be able to go shopping.”
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