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Man Who Found Bag With £4000 Thought He Was Just Lucky But Then Was Charged With a Crime

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There’s a man named Robert Withington who lives in Trumbull, Connecticut. One day, he found a bag with £4,000 in it outside a local bank. He thought he was really lucky to find all that money.

But things didn’t turn out the way he expected. Someone who works at the Town’s Tax Collector Office realized that the money was missing. They were supposed to deposit it in the Trumbull Bank, but they couldn’t find the bag. So, they told the police about it.

The police looked into the matter. They saw that the bag had the bank’s name on it and some documents that said the money belonged to the Town of Trumbull. They watched security cameras and talked to people to figure out what happened.

Eventually, they talked to Robert Withington, and he admitted that he was at the bank on May 30th and took the bag with almost £4,000 inside. He decided to turn himself in to the police. They charged him with something called “third-degree larceny.”

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Robert says he didn’t think he did anything wrong when he found the money. He even said that if he knew it was wrong, he would have given it back. But the police say he kept the money because he thought he didn’t have to give it back.

This charge he’s facing is quite serious. It could mean he goes to prison for up to five years, and he might have to pay a £4,000 fine. It’s interesting that the fine is the same amount as the money he found.

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His court date is set for September 5th, and the police are still looking into what happened.

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