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Why Holly Willoughby cannot return to This Morning -Stephanie  Takyi (Video)

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Stephanie Takyi, a Showbiz reporter, shared her thoughts and opinions on the interview with Christine Flack, who is the mother of Caroline Flack. Stephanie discussed the concerns raised about how ITV treats its presenters, especially focusing on the well-being of Phillip Schofield.

According to Stephanie, Christine Flack expressed worry about Schofield’s mental health and how he is being treated by ITV. She compared his situation to what happened to Caroline Flack, suggesting that ITV sees their presenters as things to be used rather than as individuals with their own struggles and needs.

Stephanie also talked about the importance of taking care of people in the media industry, mentioning the concept of “duty of care.” Christine Flack believes that ITV has a responsibility to look after its employees and provide support when they are going through difficult times.

Moving on to the soap awards, Stephanie mentioned that Phillip Schofield decided not to host the event. Instead, Jane McDonald, who is well-known and respected, was chosen to take his place. The soap awards are a big deal in the British TV industry, so Schofield’s absence became a topic of conversation and curiosity.

Stephanie also discussed Holly Willoughby’s return to the morning show, where she will be joined by Josie Gibson. Holly has maintained her innocence and refused to give in to “cancel culture,” which means being criticized and rejected by the public. However, Stephanie pointed out that Holly will need to address the changes on the show and the ongoing developments related to the situation. This raises questions about how these events will affect the show and if there will be more changes in the future.

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