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Wales’ Lavish Payments to Illegal Migrants Exposed in Labour’s Controversial Scheme!”

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In Wales, the government is giving £1,600 every month to people who are in the country illegally. They’re trying out this idea with £28 million of money.

The leader of the Welsh Conservative Party, Andrew RT Davies, doesn’t like this idea. He thinks it might make more people come to Wales illegally. Some might even risk their lives by crossing the Channel in small boats. He thinks it’s not a good plan from the Labour Party.

Giving money to everyone as a basic income is a big waste of money, costing taxpayers tens of millions of pounds. And allowing illegal migrants to get this money might make more people want to come here illegally. This could help bad people who smuggle others into the country.

Vaughan Gething should admit that this policy didn’t work and focus on what Welsh people really need.

The experiment providing money to young people leaving care was planned to continue for two years. Social Justice Minister Jane Hutt mentioned that young asylum seekers will be included in this experiment as well. She emphasized that it’s the Welsh Government’s responsibility to assist migrants in becoming a part of society.

She stated, “Who can join the Basic Income for Care Leavers in Wales test is decided by the Welsh Government. Young people who have been in care and are seeking asylum alone can join the Basic Income test as part of category three care leavers.”

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