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Pack Your Bags – Prince Harry to be ‘Thrown Out’ of US by Donald Trump if He Lied on Visa

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In an exclusive revelation, a former White House staffer has unveiled a potential bombshell in the already tumultuous saga surrounding Prince Harry’s US visa application. Peggy Grande, who also served as personal assistant to Ronald Reagan, has issued a stark warning: if it’s confirmed that Prince Harry misrepresented facts on his visa application, Donald Trump will not hesitate to wield his executive power and send the Duke of Sussex packing from American soil.

The specter of deportation looms large over Prince Harry, as allegations swirl regarding his veracity on his visa application, particularly regarding past drug use. Grande emphasized that Trump views this matter through a lens of equality before the law, asserting that the former president adamantly opposes any notion of special treatment for the British royal.

Speaking to the Daily Express US, Grande underscored the gravity of the situation, stating unequivocally that if Prince Harry indeed misled immigration authorities, he should face the same consequences as any other individual would in similar circumstances. This stance aligns with Trump’s unwavering commitment to fairness and adherence to legal protocols, regardless of one’s social status or lineage.

Furthermore, Grande shed light on the deeply personal nature of Trump’s interest in Prince Harry’s visa woes. According to her, Trump perceives the Duke of Sussex’s actions as a betrayal of the late Queen Elizabeth II, a sentiment that fuels his determination to ensure justice prevails in this matter. For Trump, rectifying this perceived breach of trust is not only a matter of upholding the rule of law but also a means to mend the cherished “Special Relationship” between the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Grande emphasized Trump’s genuine affection for the UK and its monarch, revealing that he harbors a deep respect for the institution of the monarchy and holds Queen Elizabeth II in high regard. Therefore, Trump’s intervention in Prince Harry’s visa saga is not merely a political maneuver but rather a deeply personal mission driven by his admiration for the Queen and his commitment to preserving the integrity of the US immigration system.

According to reports by Express, the ongoing legal battle over the disclosure of Prince Harry’s visa application adds another layer of complexity to this already contentious issue. With the Duke of Sussex anxiously awaiting a judge’s ruling on whether his application should be made public, the stakes have never been higher. If the contents of the application are revealed and confirm any discrepancies, Prince Harry could find himself facing the daunting prospect of deportation from the United States.

In light of these developments, Prince Harry’s future in America hangs in the balance, with his residency status contingent upon the outcome of the legal proceedings. As the saga unfolds, the world watches with bated breath, awaiting the resolution of this high-stakes showdown between a British royal and the formidable force of American executive authority.

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