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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have run out of fuel from royal tell-alls and are Strapped for cash

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s hoped-for media empire is in tatters, and now “limited income” seems to be a new problem for Team Sussex as 2024 kicks into gear.

“The idea they have anything else to contribute beyond their trashing of the royal family is laughable. They’ve been found out. They are now ridiculed in Hollywood. They are ignored in New York,” royal author Tom Bower dished.

“They set themselves up to be living like royals, but their income is pretty limited,” he added. “If pushed into a corner (financially), they may be desperate and say some more terrible things.”

It has been reported for months now that the Suits star is likely writing or in the preliminary stages of crafting her very own memoirs to match Prince Harry’s Spare. However, the potential tome may not be received quite in the way the Duchess could be hoping.

“Meghan’s memoirs could stir controversy and reignite debates surrounding her relationship with the royal family, especially if she chooses to reveal previously undisclosed details,” entertainment journalist Mark Boardman shared last September.

“Any further revelations or ‘bombshells’ about her time as a royal could impact her career and reputation in various ways, with an almost impossible task to make a further comeback,” the royal commentator added. “Such a memoir however still has the potential to be a substantial money-spinner, both in terms of book sales and potential media deals.”

Furthermore, the pair may not have multiple palaces and castles at their disposal as they did in Britain, but their Montecito estate comes with a hefty monthly price tag. The couple are paying a massive mortgage for the mansion every 30 days, and each year they must cough up an estimated $200,000 dollars in property taxes. Additionally, the royal rebels are believed to pay roughly $2 million a year for their security detail, having lost their British taxpayer-funded protection when they stepped down from the monarchy in 2020.

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Add to this Harry’s seemingly endless court fees and analysts claim it is easy to see why their Netflix, Spotify, and money from their publishing deals cannot likely last long-term.

Others allege that matters are splendid at the moment for Meghan primarily thanks to her mysterious WME signing nearly one year ago. Although a prestigious venture and partnership, no announcements or projects have been shared since the contract was inked.

“They’ve actually been shocked by how popular she [Meghan] is. Her team has never seen anything like it. There’s this perception that Harry and Meghan have been snubbed in the entertainment industry. But the way they see it, they’re choosing quality over quantity instead of grabbing every opportunity that comes their way,” a source close to the Sussex couple spilled.

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