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“There Shouldn’t Be A Single Migrant in a Hotel Room” Claims Rafe Heydel-Mankoo | Richard Tice

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London, July 30, 2023 – In the midst of the ongoing debate surrounding asylum seekers and illegal migrants, prominent figures Rafe Heydel-Mankoo and Richard Tice have voiced their strong opinions against housing migrants in hotel accommodations. Both assert that there should be an alternative solution to address the issue.

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, an influential commentator, and Richard Tice, a prominent political figure, have expressed their agreement on the matter, stating that the UK government must find alternatives to house migrants.

Heydel-Mankoo stated, “There shouldn’t be a single migrant in a hotel room.” He highlighted that such arrangements are costing the country significantly, with an estimated six million pounds daily, accommodating approximately 50,000 migrants.

Instead, both Heydel-Mankoo and Tice advocate for creating dedicated tent camps or army-style facilities to house asylum seekers and illegal migrants while their applications are being processed. They argue that such facilities, though criticized by some, could provide a more cost-effective solution and potentially alleviate the burden on hotels.

The debate around migration and asylum policies has been further fueled by a recent scandal involving fraudulent applications facilitated by certain lawyers. Heydel-Mankoo expressed his outrage, calling for tough measures against the lawyers involved and suggesting that they face criminal charges for their actions.

Furthermore, Tice emphasized the need for a genuine hostile environment to deter illegal migration. He cited Denmark’s successful approach, which includes providing only temporary visas, as a potential model for the UK to consider.

As public discourse intensifies, the government faces mounting pressure to address the complexities of illegal migration effectively. Calls for comprehensive solutions and restoring public confidence in the country’s immigration system have become paramount issues that demand immediate attention.

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