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I’m a Christian, I Can’t Work For You: Christian Painter Refused To Work For Gay Couple Because Of Church Rules

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Two Gay From Bristol was left shocked and upset after a tradesman declined to carry out a paint job in their home, citing ‘recommended guidelines’ from their church as the reason for the refusal.

The couple, Josh and George, had decided to repaint their home and found a painter online to undertake the task. Initially, everything seemed normal during the interaction with the painter. However, it wasn’t until they showed the tradesman their master bedroom, where they planned to have the repainting done, that things took an unexpected turn.

According to Josh, there was no indication of any issues until the tradesman asked if Josh’s partner was present. When Josh replied that his partner was not at home, the painter’s demeanor appeared to change, raising suspicions.

Later on, Josh received a message from the painter explaining that, as a ‘practicing Christian,’ they were unable to work for the couple due to ‘recommended guidelines’ from their church. The news left both Josh and George gobsmacked, feeling hurt and bewildered by the situation.

George expressed his disappointment, saying, “As much as we should know better in a way that these things still do happen, nothing like this has ever happened to us before and we were just genuinely so shocked.”

Furthermore, the couple clarified that their request was for a simple, regular paint job and had nothing to do with their sexuality. They were taken aback by the painter’s assumption, as they had not asked for any special treatment or any symbolism related to LGBTQ+ rights.

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In response to the incident, Josh and George have taken the matter seriously and filed a complaint with the trading website where they found the painter.

This incident highlights the importance of promoting inclusivity and equality in all aspects of society. Discrimination of any form, be it based on sexuality or religious beliefs, has no place in today’s world. The couple’s hope is that by sharing their story, it will raise awareness and help foster a more tolerant and understanding community.

The news also serves as a reminder to respect one another’s beliefs while upholding the principles of professionalism and fairness. It is crucial to treat all customers with equal respect and not let personal biases interfere with professional duties.

As the couple seeks resolution through the appropriate channels, many are standing in solidarity with Josh and George, expressing their support for a more inclusive and accepting society.

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