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King Charles Is Choosing To Believe Prince Andrew Amid New Jeffrey Epstein Bombshell Court Document Dump.

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King Charles III is putting his royal foot down about Prince Andrew and the new Jeffrey Epstein court document scandal.

“I think [the king] has been very clear that family unity comes first. He is not going to change course on the basis of a series of unproven allegations that have all been made before and will almost certainly all be made again,” a friend of His Majesty told an outlet.

The monarch has been on the job for 16 months now and has remained “resolute” in his decision to back his brother’s claim that he had nothing to do with “sexual assault.”

The royal disgrace has been “locked in his room,” and this follows a slew of royal analysts who have all largely agreed in the past week that King Charles III needs to intervene about his brother.

“The King is in a difficult position in so much as I think he made a mistake at Sandringham,” former royal journalist Charles Rae told an outlet.

“That wasn’t an official royal outing; it was a family outing,” Rae added when discussing the annual royal family walk to and from St Mary Magdalene Church to Sandringham House on Christmas. “He should have told Andrew not to turn up. I think he may well regret that decision. The King has tried to kick him out of the royal residences before.”

The allegations against the Duke of York are “severe” in terms of their context and the specific actions he allegedly took with underage girls. It was widely speculated that s– tapes of the prince filmed at Epstein’s NYC home existed, but this has been refuted by many.

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Attorney Spencer Kuvin told a publication this week: “I can confirm that during my walk-through of the Palm Beach home, I saw where cameras were located but had been removed. Additionally, I have a client that can confirm that video recording devices were located inside his Manhattan home in various rooms. It is likely that the FBI confiscated any digital video devices and memory/hard drives when they executed a search warrant at the different locations.”

Shortly after the new year kicked off, a “document dump” that was promised by U.S. Judge Loretta Preska before Christmas was slowly released. The papers contain a wide range of names attached in various ways to the late Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes, and the Duke of York’s name shows up on 69 occasions throughout the files.

But Charles III will likely continue to stay silent, as is the royal way, and reportedly will not banish Andrew any further than he already is. “As far as the king is concerned, nothing has changed,” another confidant of His Majesty told an outlet when discussing Andrew’s dynamic within the monarchy.

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