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Prince Harry ‘Finds It Irritating’ That Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Joined the Royal Family at Church for Christmas, You Won’t Believe Why

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Prince Harry is annoyed that his uncle Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, were allowed back for Christmas, but he’s yet to be on good terms with his brother, Prince William, and father, King Charles.

“Harry finds it irritating that Andrew and Fergie joined the family at church,” said an insider. “Andrew because of his ties with Jeffrey Epstein, and Fergie because she’s not even part of the royal family and hasn’t been for some time.”

As OK! previously reported, Prince Andrew was friendly with disgraced businessman Epstein, who died by suicide in 2019, which was a hard pill for William to swallow. (Andrew was later stripped of his HRH title and royal patronages, which was approved by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth.)

“William has long been the voice of caution, and he has tried to convince Charles to be careful where Andrew is concerned,” said the insider, adding that “Andrew doesn’t seem to think he’s done anything wrong.”

According to royal expert Hilary Fordwich, she thinks King Charles wanted to show the world that they are there for Ferguson and Andrew despite his prior mistakes.

“He was also demonstrating that extended family is important to him and his inviting her signifies a restoration of her place in the royal family,” the commentator explained. “He was projecting that under immense pressure and strains the family together have endured by valuing certain qualities that, since her ousting in the ’90s, Fergie has demonstrated.”

“The family rallied around Fergie after she was diagnosed with b—– cancer and underwent surgery. He wanted a heartwarming end to a challenging year for her,” she noted.

Though Fergie has gone to release books and make TV appearances, she’s never been rude toward the royal family — unlike Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Fergie’s qualities are those valued by the family,” Fordwich said. “She never complained after her ouster. With the demise of Prince Andrew, she emphasized her support, showing resilience in face of adversity with her health issues.”

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Meanwhile, Harry, 39, is trying to look forward — not backwards.

“They’re desperate to make a comeback after a difficult 2023,” the insider noted of Harry and his wife, Meghan. “They want to project themselves as straight-forward and focused on their work.”

Star spoke to the source.

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