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EXPOSED AGAIN! The Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Antic That Made Royal Place LAUGH And CRY

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From Prince Harry hitting the gym to Megan adopting a chicken with Ellen DeGeneres, the pair continues to capture the public’s attention. But the real surprise comes with the revelation of the Ripple of Hope award they received in 2022, raising eyebrows in Royal circles.

In the midst of news about Prince Charles’ upcoming surgery and Kate Middleton’s hospitalization, Prince Harry was spotted leaving a gym in Santa Barbara. He was photographed in his workout clothes, which showcased his commitment to fitness on the same day that Kensington Palace made the announcements.

Ellen DeGeneres shared on Instagram that one of her chickens, Sinki, needed to be rehomed due to injuries caused by fellow chickens. Enter Prince Harry and Megan’s chicken coop, where Sinki found refuge. The chicken was granted the title of “Archie’s chicken,” sparking amusement and raising questions about the royal title bestowed upon a feathered friend.

The real bombshell comes with Robert Hardman’s new book, shedding light on Prince Harry and Megan Markle receiving the Ripple of Hope award in 2022. The award, presented for their supposed lifelong commitment to building equitable communities, was met with skepticism in royal circles. Hardman points out the irony as Prince Charles, Harry’s father, has spent decades bringing about meaningful change through initiatives like the Prince’s Trust and Business in the Community.

Hardman notes that even fervent admirers of the Sussexes acknowledge that Archewell, their foundation, is still in its infancy and yet to demonstrate a true lifelong commitment. The award ceremony took place amid the fallout from their Netflix series, and the royal family was reportedly more concerned about what the couple might say next rather than the accolades they were accepting.

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