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Queen’s Childhood Friend Disgrace Meghan Markle for She Did To Queen While She Was Alive Vow Never To Forgive Her

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Lady Glen Connor, a close friend of Queen Elizabeth’s who has lived to be 91 years old, has had some strong sentiments regarding Meghan Markle. The late monarch and Lady Glen Connor were friends for almost 50 years.

One of the six Maids of Honour for the Queen at her 1953 coronation was this British socialite, who had the particular honour of doing so.

Lady Glen Connor served as Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting from 1971 until the princess’s death in 2002, in addition to her duties as a maid of honour. She received the chance to express her ideas during a discussion on the podcast “Rosebud with Giles Brandreth.”

Lady Glen Connor expressed her perspective on the Duchess of Sussex, who is now 42 years old. She emphasized that Meghan appeared to have a somewhat misguided understanding of what was expected of her when she entered the royal family.

It seemed as though Meghan initially viewed her new role as akin to that of an actress, complete with the glamour of riding around in a golden carriage. However, Lady Glen Connor was quick to point out that being a royal involves a substantial amount of tedious and, at times, unglamorous duties.

Notably, Lady Glen Connor is the author of the book “Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown,” and she is also known as Anne Tennant, Baroness Glen Connor. She was once briefly engaged to Johnny Althor, Princess Diana’s late father, though the engagement was eventually called off.

She later married Colin Christopher Paget Tennant, and the Queen and Princess Margaret attended her wedding. Furthermore, she made appearances in the third and fourth seasons of Netflix’s acclaimed series “The Crown,” where she was portrayed by Grace Stone and Nancy Carroll.

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Meghan Markle, who was part of the royal family herself, has publicly acknowledged her initial astonishment at the intricacies of royal life. She recounted her experiences in a controversial Netflix documentary series, expressing that she was aware of the protocols governing royal behavior.

She humorously described the process of learning the British national anthem via Google and practicing it diligently. Meghan also opened up about her surprise when Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited her for dinner, highlighting the marked formality that marked the occasion. She had been in ripped jeans and barefoot, a far cry from the expected etiquette, as she’s always been more of a “hugger.” The formality, she observed, extended even behind closed doors.

In an intriguing turn, Lady Glen Connor shared an interesting tidbit from her conversation with John Kerry during King Charles’s coronation. She asked him about the American perspective on Prince Harry and Meghan. Kerry’s response was that many Americans felt a deep sympathy for Prince Harry, which encapsulated their sentiment

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