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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Shocking 1 Decision Could Break A 1000 Year Rule of Kings

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The Prince and Princess of Wales’ decision regarding their children could alter the monarchy forever.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s decision regarding Prince George’s schooling could break a 1000-year-old unspoken rule of kings. What is one decision the Prince and Princess of Wales could make that may affect their oldest son?

Kate Middleton and Prince William could effectively end a thousand-year tradition

The Prince and Princess of Wales face a multitude of changes as they grow into their current royal roles. However, one significant decision they must make is regarding their children’s schooling. Their son, Prince George, particularly as he is a future king of the United Kingdom.

According to Daniela Elser of, Kate and William may allow their son to enter a co-ed university. She writes, “George could become the first ever King, since the advent of the English throne with Æthelstan in 927, to be educated the whole way through in a multiple-sex, and not same-sex, environment.”

In 1957, King Charles was the first future monarch to be educated outside the home. However, he attended all-boys schools, as did his sons Prince William and Prince Harry, until they attended college.

Daily Mail columnist Richard Eden reports Kate visited her former school Marlborough College. Speculation abounds that the couple might send Prince George there instead of Eton, his father’s alma mater.

Elser says, “If George signs on to be a member of the class of 2031, he will be the first sovereign in the 956 years since Normans showed the Saxons what for to be educated alongside not only boys but girls and maybe even non-binary teens. It would be a small step for a 13-year-old but a major step for the monarchy.”

Are Prince William and Kate Middleton making the right choice by considering sending Prince George to a co-ed high school?

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Daniela Elser says that by choosing a co-ed school, Prince William and Kate Middleton are helping their son. She doesn’t believe the same old royal rules should apply to a monarchy trying to modernize.

“My point is, if William and Kate chose to not go down the centuries-old, tediously trodden, tired path chosen by the wealthy and the titled parents for their sons, and don’t send George to Eton, instead choosing somewhere with a hint more diversity, they will be doing the kid a huge service,” she wrote.

Elser continued, “The boy will one day have to serve as a unifying figure for, by then, probably more than 100 million Britons who will come from an incredibly varied range of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. How will he even remotely be adequately prepared for such a momentous task if he goes to a school where ‘diversity’ equates to boasting some boys whose families ski in Italy?”

Kate and William already blazed a new path when they picked Thomas’ Battersea School for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Both children, plus Prince Louis, now attend Windsor’s Lambrook School.

Are William and Kate trying to raise the future king and their other children, different than other royals?

Unsurprisingly, Prince William and Kate Middleton may buck royal tradition again by allowing their children to continue with a co-ed education. By continuing to use schools other than the standard royal route, Kate and William are giving their kids an experience and education that will help them flourish in the diverse country they represent.

William and Kate are committing to raising their children in both a traditional and forward-thinking manner. This will ultimately prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of a traditional monarchy in the modern world

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