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Drinking a Glass of Cola: This is What Happens to Your Body

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Cola can be very refreshing and is one of the most popular soft drinks ever. Even small amounts can have effects. But what actually happens in the body with a glass of cola?

Every German drinks an average of over 33 liters of cola a year. With the light version, it’s even 45 liters in total. And cola is also one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Around 1.5 billion bottles are sold daily, as reported by

The exact composition is not known and is strictly guarded by the manufacturers. However, the main components are known. Few people think about what happens to the body when consuming cola. Even a glass of the soft drink can have some effects. Pharmacist Niraj Naik explains the consequences of a glass of cola on his website “The Renegade Pharmacist”.

What happens to the body with a glass of cola:

Hard to believe: There are about ten teaspoons of sugar in a can of cola – the body has already absorbed this. This already corresponds to the daily dose recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, you hardly taste the sugar. Because the sweet taste is suppressed by phosphoric acid.

Large amounts of insulin are released. The sugar is converted into fat by the liver. When you drink a glass of cola, your blood sugar level shoots up after about 20 minutes.

A huge amount of sugar enters the bloodstream. The adenosine receptors are blocked in the brain – you feel tired. Blood pressure rises extremely, the pupils dilate and the caffeine intake is complete.

Feelings of happiness are released – this can be compared to an addiction. Dopamine production has increased.

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Zinc, calcium and magnesium are bound by the phosphoric acid in cola. These are substances that the body actually urgently needs. After more than 60 minutes, the urge to urinate sets in due to the caffeine – by now you have to go to the toilet. Sodium, electrolytes and water are excreted. Sugar and caffeine no longer have any effect – the body becomes tired because it lacks important nutrients. These are literally flushed down the toilet. You become tired, sluggish or even irritable.

Yo-yo effect with too high cola consumption
Cola is anything but healthy. And some drink more than just one glass. Since the soft drink contains a lot of cola, the body always demands more and the yo-yo effect sets in. This increases the risk of diseases. High sugar consumption can lead to obesity or diabetes. And the proportion of caffeine should not be underestimated. Conclusion: You don’t have to completely avoid cola. But the soft drink should only be consumed in moderation.

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