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This Man Immediately Regrets Digging up Concrete Box Found in Garden

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Tony Huismand was simply going about his day, tending to his garden when something unexpected caught his eye. As he was digging around in the soil, he stumbled upon a solid concrete box buried beneath the earth. The box appeared old and weathered, sparking Tony’s curiosity.

With a mixture of excitement and intrigue, Tony carefully unearthed the box from its subterranean hiding place. Little did he know that what he was about to encounter would leave him in disbelief. As he cracked open the box, an unusual and pungent odor wafted into the air, filling his senses with an unexpected and mysterious scent.

Tony wrote, “I found a hidden box in the ground.” He then started to dig and said, “Today, I was doing some gardening in my backyard, and I found a strange concrete box underground. After digging for a while, I found a handle, and then I found another one when I dug a bit more.”

“I kept digging until I cleaned it up enough to try lifting. It was a bit heavy, so I asked for help. And what I found next was unbelievable.

After that, you can see me running away from the box, feeling sick, and using my shirt to cover my nose.”

He then reveals that it was actually a septic tank that he’d dug up.

When he started digging, he said he knew it was a waste tank, but he hadn’t gone looking for it until now – six years after he’d moved in.

A plumber had come to visit and explained why the pipes in the house were clogged and not draining properly.

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What the family didn’t know was that their home used a septic tank for sewage, and they weren’t aware of when it had last been cleaned. Judging by Tony’s strong reaction to the smell, it seemed like the septic tank was long overdue for a cleaning.

In a follow-up video, Tony said: “We didn’t know we were on septic system.

“I have lived here for six years, the landlord before me had lived here for two years, and the people before us had a garden bed right over the top of where the septic tank is.

“So who knows how long it’s been since it’s been cleaned – like eight plus years?

“And the contents in there, it was like the consistency of Jell-O. But not Jell-O you want to eat.”

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