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Man will spend the rest of his days in prison after he sought a hitman because his landlord was trying to evict him, then threatened the would-be hitman with toorture if the act wasn’t completed!

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According to the court documents, the 36-year-old defendant, Andrew, was sentenced to life in prison after he reportedly attempted to orchestrate a murder-for-hire plot.

Prosecutors said the 36-year-old defendant plotted to have his landlord murdered over an eviction proceeding. Andrew also threatened the would-be hitman with torture, attacked jail guards after he was arrested. According to the court documents, Andrew will not be eligible for parole.

Prosecutor Katherine said that Andrew should remain in prison for as long as he is a danger to the public. Andrew was sentenced on Wednesday, court records say. He received 465 days credit time served. In 2022, Andrew sought a hitman because his landlord was trying to evict him. The man Andrew tried to hire, who was not identified, told authorities and helped in the investigation.

He spoke to Andrew while wearing a wire, authorities said. During the recorded meetings, the defendant promised to pay the informant for the killing and then threatened to t0rture the informant if he did not commit the murder. Andrew also gave the would-be hitman gun to use in the murder.”

Authorities were able to prevent the senseless murder of a property owner who began proceedings to evict the defendant, prosecutors said. While in custody and awaiting trial, he reportedly committed assaults against jail guards and staff, further escalating the gravity of his offenses. Jury sentenced Andrew to life in prison, accompanied by a maximum fine of $10,000.

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