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Woman Who Fed Starving Neighbors Shares Heartbreaking Video After Vandals Poison Her Garden With Salt: ‘You Won’t Stop Me’”

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A woman named Carly Burd, who goes by @carlyburd43 on TikTok, was devastated to find that her garden, which she uses to grow fruits and vegetables for families in need, had been destroyed by salt.

Carly is based in Harlow, Essex and runs the “A Meal on Me With Love” initiative to help families struggling with the cost of living crisis in the UK. She has helped provide food for 1,613 people so far. The cost of living crisis has affected 92% of households in the UK as of January 2023, causing prices of essential goods and services to rise faster than household incomes.

Carly’s initiative provides families with a large box of essentials and a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, and breakfast items. By growing food in her garden, Carly not only helps address local food insecurity but also contributes to a more sustainable agriculture practice. Her garden’s proximity to the community means that the food doesn’t have to travel far, reducing fuel waste.

Despite struggling to make ends meet with disability assistance for her multiple sclerosis and lupus, Carly mostly funds this initiative herself. In September 2022, she created a GoFundMe to raise £4,000 ($4995.25) to cover some costs.

However, after her viral TikTok video, which received support from over 4,000 people, she raised almost £65,000 ($81,172.85). In a follow-up video, Carly expresses her gratitude for the donations but also admits that she is still heartbroken about her destroyed garden.

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