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Ever See A Pink Dolphin!? Fisherman Notices A Once-In-A-Lifetime Discovery And Was Left n Shock (Video)

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A remarkable discovery has been made in Louisiana that matches perfectly with the release of the popular “Barbie” movie.

Two rare animals, both similar in color to the iconic doll, have been making waves. These beautiful creatures are two pink dolphins, a sight that has left locals astonished. Thurman Gustin, an experienced fisherman with over two decades of experience on that very river, can attest to the rarity of this occurrence.

Fortunately, Thurman managed to capture one of the pink dolphins on camera, adding to the excitement of the discovery. Despite having encountered other intriguing animals during his fishing expeditions, such as a bobcat swimming across a Texas bayou, the sight of these pink dolphins is truly unparalleled and a unique spectacle to behold.

“As we were going, I noticed something just under the water that I knew wasn’t normal,” Thurman said. “I [stopped] the boat and up popped this beautiful pink dolphin. I had to record it.”

These bright dolphins weren’t the only ones swimming in the area, but they were the only pink ones, with one noticeably larger than the other. Although there’s a species called the pink river dolphin, those live in freshwater basins in South America. That means these two were likely bottlenose dolphins that are albino.

As rare as these sightings are, it turns out that one of the dolphins Thurman spotted very well may be a local celebrity in southern Louisiana known as Pinkie. First sighted in 2007 in the same area Thurman was fishing, this pink wonder has their own Facebook page where over 20,000 followers excitedly stay tuned for the latest sightings that folks share.

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Although the pink wonder that Thurman saw could have been the famous Pinkie, since they’ve been seen with a calf in the past, it’s also possible that he spotted their child instead.

Thurman is delighted to have had the chance to witness such a unique sighting in person. Similarly, we are thrilled that individuals like him can capture these moments so that the rest of us can enjoy them too!

Check out the video below to watch Thurman’s sighting of a pink dolphin.

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