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People Left In Shock After Woman Reveals Where She Live And Why She Chose To Stay There

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A woman living in South London has caught the attention of locals for constructing her own small home right on the pavement in Brixton. Her name is Anne-Marie Cover, and she ended up building this makeshift shelter after being forced to leave her previous residence in Clapham just a few weeks ago. With nowhere else to go, the 50-year-old decided to create her own dwelling using materials like wooden pallets, artificial grass (Astroturf), strips of vinyl flooring, and plywood.

However, her new home has attracted the attention of the Lambeth Council, who have ordered her to take it down by September 15. They’ve classified her structure as an “obstruction” and are prepared to remove it themselves if she doesn’t comply.

Ms. Cover, on the other hand, insists that this unconventional living situation has made her happier than she’s been in years. When she first found herself without a place to live, she resorted to sleeping on a ramp near a nearby building. However, this proved to be a problematic arrangement since the ramp was meant for disabled access. So, she decided to build her own unique home.

Her shack, which she’s constructed around a tree, has taken a considerable amount of effort to build. It’s far from luxurious, but it does include some basic necessities. She’s rigged up a plastic box for washing, uses a paraffin heater to stay warm after dark, and has a few chairs and a place to sleep. When nature calls, Ms. Cover takes a short walk to Brixton center to use the restroom facilities in local businesses. She’s also set up containers to responsibly dispose of waste water.

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In terms of cooking, Ms. Cover keeps it simple. She prefers easily accessible foods like sardines and banana chips and relies on water runoff from a nearby building for her water needs.

Ms. Cover’s housing troubles started when she had to abruptly leave a property she was staying in Herne Hill. Her brief stay in Clapham also ended in trouble when police boarded up the place she was residing in.

Local Brixton residents have had mixed reactions to her presence. Most are curious about her unique living arrangement, while some have taken it upon themselves to vandalize her makeshift home. However, there are those who believe she should be allowed to stay where she is without any hassle.

Lambeth Council, for its part, acknowledges the complexity of the situation. They’re trying to offer support, both in terms of medical assistance and housing solutions. They’re also considering the impact on the local community and are working to strike a balance between the needs of a vulnerable individual like Ms. Cover and those of the people living in the area.

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