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Mom asks if children should be required to share after her son was pushed off the splash pad at the park. This made her angry

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A mother questions whether kids should be forced to share after her son’s frustrating experience at a local park. TikTok user Skye Amundsen shared a viral video detailing an encounter with a mom who told her son to share at the splash pad.

“My son is 2 years old and enjoys stepping on the little things at the splash pad to stop them from splashing up. This splash pad has many of these objects, and he is not hurting anyone,” said the mom of four. “A little girl walked up and pushed him because she was unhappy with his actions. My son stepped back on the object, and she pushed him again. I waited for the girl’s mother to intervene, but she didn’t. After the girl pushed my son for the third time, he pushed her back.”

Amundsen intervened when her son was being pushed by another child. As she talked to her son, the other child’s mother suggested that she should teach her son to share. Amundsen argued that it was unfair for her son to be pushed and expected to share with someone who showed no respect.

“We don’t force sharing,” said Amundsen. “Kids do it naturally. But why share with someone being mean?” She added that she doesn’t believe in forcing children to share, especially when another child is being physical.

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