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Immigrants Should Be Stop From Entering The Boat, That’s How To Prevent Them From Coming To UK- Peter Hitchens (Video)

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Peter Hitchens, who talked on GB News during interview , had some thoughts on how to deal with people who try to come to the UK using boats.

He mentioned that the sea between the UK and other countries used to be a kind of wall, making it hard for people to cross. But nowadays, because of nice weather and other reasons, people think they can cross it easily.

Hitchens wanted to say that immigration, which means people moving to a new country, isn’t just about people coming in boats.

There are also many people who come to the UK legally, like when they’re allowed to move here for various reasons. But when a lot of people come, it can make things difficult for finding places to live, schools for kids, and places to get medical help.

He had an idea to stop the boat crossings. Hitchens thought that the UK should talk seriously with France, which is a country close to the UK across the sea. He believed that if the UK and France work together and agree on things, they could make it really hard for people to even get on the boats. He said this could be a way to prevent people from taking these risky boat trips. However, he also knew that getting France to help might cost a lot of money.

In simple words, what Peter Hitchens meant was that the UK and France need to be good friends and work together to keep people from even trying to cross the sea in boats to reach the UK. This might be a better way to handle the situation instead of just dealing with it after people are already on the boats.

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