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I’m Scare Of UK Safety: Afghanistan’s Boats Migrants Might Be Coming To UK With Guns- Nigel Farage Cry Out (Video)

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The Channel between England and France is causing worry because some people from Afghanistan are using it to come into the UK illegally. Gbnews Presenter Nigel Farage has given his thoughts about this. He’s concerned because some of these people who are helping others come here are carrying guns.

Nigel Farage talked about a video that showed a man, maybe named Jared, who helps people cross the Channel. This man had a gun with him, and he was showing it on websites like TikTok. This is a big problem because it’s not safe for the people trying to cross, and it also brings danger to the UK.

Nigel Farage wants the authorities to take strong action against these smugglers. He thinks it’s important to stop them and make sure they can’t bring harm to people or the country. He also said that the way these smugglers are showing off with guns tells us that the rules aren’t working very well right now.

This situation makes people talk about the bigger issue of illegal immigration. People are worried about keeping everyone safe and stopping illegal activities. Nigel Farage’s words show that people want the government to work together to solve this problem and make things better.

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