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Police are spending time on wrong things, they should be stopping real crimes Instead Of Arresting autism Girl- Neil Oliver

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A story about a 16-year-old girl with autism who got into trouble with the police at her home is causing a lot of talk. Even though the case was stopped, the situation where the police came to her house is making many people upset. A video of what happened was shared a lot on the internet.

Here’s what happened: The girl said something about a lady police officer being like her grandma. This made things heated and the police got involved. The girl’s mom recorded what happened on video, and this video got popular online.

People got really mad at the police in Yorkshire because they took the girl from her home. She was feeling very upset and was in a small space. Her mom tried to explain that she has autism and doesn’t like being around people. The video shows all of this.

Somebody who writes online, Tom Slater, said the police were wrong. He thinks the police cared more about their own feelings than about the young girl who was having a tough time. People are checking into what happened, and the police are being looked at by a group that makes sure they do things right.

The girl’s mom is even planning to sue the police. Neil Oliver, another person who talks about issue on gbnews TV, said the police are spending time on the wrong things. He thinks they should be stopping real crimes like people getting hurt and things being stolen. He also thinks they’re causing problems between people.

People on TV also talked about this. They said the police need to learn from this and do better in the future. They understand that young people and people with autism need special care when things get difficult. They want the police to improve how they handle situations like this.

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