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Immigrants Coming To UK Through Boats Might Probably Have Guns With Them- Mike Graham (Video) 

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During a TalkTV interview, Mike Graham talked about something worrying. He said that some people who want to come to Britain might have guns with them. He talked about a situation in Calais where these people were fighting and shooting at each other even before getting on a boat.

These were not the ones who help others come secretly (smugglers), but regular people who want to enter the UK. Graham mentioned that this is strange because it seems like they might be bringing guns and not having good intentions.

He also talked about how some people on one side think everyone should be welcomed, but others are concerned about these situations.

Graham also said that this weekend was different from others in the migrant problem. He talked about how this shows that the situation is more serious.

He explained that when people who want to move to a different country have guns, it might mean they want to do bad things.

He didn’t like that some people want to welcome everyone without considering these things. The talk focused on the migrant problem and how some people might have guns while trying to come to the UK.

In His Words:

“This morning, at the times that there was a migrant clash on the Calais side, where people were shooting at each other before they even got in the boat. I mean, and these were the people – smugglers? No, these were people who wanted to get on the page, so they’ve got guns. They’ve got guns, so they’re coming to Britain, possibly carrying guns and possibly with ill intent. Yet the lefties are saying, ‘But we must welcome them all.’ Yeah, it’s a humanitarian crisis, yeah, really. It’s been a very interesting weekend. Normally, the migrant crisis kind of just rolls on, yeah, but there have been a number of really interesting revelations this weekend. One of which is the fact that these people who are seeking to come to the United Kingdom have been armed, clearly have a criminal instinct if not antipathetic instinct towards the United Kingdom – number one. But the really big takeaways for me this weekend start.”

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