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They Are Play With Billions Of Our Money: Immigrants Would’t Stop Coming TO Uk In The Next 5-Years- Susan Phoenix (Video)

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In a live interview on GB News, Susan Phoenix, the determined campaigner from “Say No to the Barge,” shared her candid thoughts on the ongoing migrant crisis, suggesting that the ordeal might extend for another five years.

Susan expressed a mix of resignation and determination when discussing the five-year timeline. “I probably won’t be around in five years,” she said with irony.

Gbnews Interviewer: Susan what a fraught area this is for the Home Office, for us taxpayers, for you residents down in Portland, as well not to even mention the people trying to cross the channel. What are your feelings this morning as we know that the baby Stockholm remains on your doorstep but is empty at the moment?”

Barge’s Susan Phoenix : “Well, I think we’re running out of adjectives, don’t you? Farcical. It’s just been a disaster from the beginning, hasn’t it? There’s been poor planning and preparation, and that, of course, leads to poor performance. There is a military term for that that I’m not allowed to say on here, but it’s got lots of peas in it.

It’s been a naive rush and also a hush, because they’re playing with billions of our money, but we don’t know. There was no freedom and for information on this whole scheme, so we know a lot of people have already got wealthy on this. And at the bottom of it all are those poor migrants, being put in one cupboard out of another cupboard, and the people of Portland, who are very concerned.

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You’re talking about a dentist on a Sunday. We can’t get a dentist for God knows how long. So you know, it’s that kind of putting life into perspective. It’s been that they’re playing with money, our money, like a game of Monopoly.

And all the while, the local people are using food banks and they’re being insulted by the fact £3,000 is being used per head on that barge, which one must be much more now because they weren’t able to fill it because people said they were not coming on.

And then to find the government haven’t listened to their own advisors, the experts in the field. They knew, or the experts knew, that there was a problem with the water supply. They also knew they had someone with TB who a doctor out in the field had said, ‘It’s not suitable to move him,’ and they were saying, ‘Oh, just get him on.’

So, it’s playing with people’s lives at a… It’s really getting a crisis time, isn’t it? I mean, the reality of this, Susan.”

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