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Tragic : Police Dog Attacks Handler During Search for Missing Person

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A police dog named PD Jax turned on its handler during a search for a missing person, resulting in a shocking outcome. As the search operation was underway, PD Jax suddenly became aggressive and launched an attack on its handler, causing severe injuries.

Responding promptly to the escalating situation, additional patrols, including armed officers, rushed to the scene in an attempt to restrain the Belgian Malinois. Despite their best efforts, PD Jax continued to pose a threat to both the handler and the public, leaving no choice but to take decisive action to prevent further harm.

In a difficult and heartrending decision, armed officers were forced to resort to lethal force, ultimately shooting and killing PD Jax to safeguard those present at the scene. The handler was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment, as she had sustained a serious injury to her upper leg during the attack. Lancashire Police is providing her with full support as she undergoes treatment and embarks on the path to recovery.

Superintendent Hassan Khan from Lancashire Police acknowledged the complexity of the decision made by the officers, emphasizing that the safety of officers and the public remains of utmost importance. While recognizing the invaluable and highly skilled work performed by police dogs like PD Jax, he also highlighted that, like any dog, they can become dangerous in certain circumstances.

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