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He Can’t Be Serious: Princess Kate was shocked by Roman Kemp’s remark after “having a few drinks.”

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Roman Kemp, the host of The One Show, recently revealed a shocking incident that occurred during a meeting with Princess Kate at Buckingham Palace. Last year, Roman was among the hosts of the Platinum Party at the Palace concert for the Queen’s Jubilee. Following the concert broadcast in June, Roman admitted to having a few drinks at the after-party.

In an interview with OK! magazine, Roman disclosed that he accidentally made a comment to Kate, 41, that he fears might prevent him from being invited back to Buckingham Palace. When Kate congratulated him on his DJing and complimented his smart appearance, Roman, in a slightly tipsy state, responded by saying, “Yeah, you look really fit.” However, he clarified that he didn’t intend to hit on Kate and explained that the remark was related to the dress’s appearance rather than her personally.

Roman admitted to being “terrible” with royal protocol and expressed his admiration for the Royal Family, particularly how Prince William and Prince Harry have raised awareness about mental health. He praised their efforts and stated that it takes courage to address such issues within a high-profile family.

Moreover, Roman revealed his long-term plans in the interview. He expressed a desire to host the Capital radio breakfast show for a decade. However, there might be a potential challenge as he recently shared that he has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, which has affected his health. Doctors have advised him to wear an oxygen mask, making light-hearted jokes about it, comparing it to a Darth Vader impression.

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Despite the humorous incident with Kate and his health challenges, Roman remains positive about his career and is grateful for the opportunities he’s had so far.

It seems like Roman’s meeting with Princess Kate left a lasting impression, and it’s an incident that he’ll always remember as he continues his journey in the entertainment industry.

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