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I Was Bullied For Growing Beards As Woman: Lady Who Started Growing Beards From Age 14 Finally Barb After Finding Love (Video)
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Becca Wilks, a 28-year-old TikTok star, has bravely opened up about her journey to loving herself and embracing her medical condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). She used to get bullied for having excessive hair on her arms, hands, legs, neck, and chin, but now she has learned to value herself beyond her appearance.

During her teenage years, Becca faced tough times dealing with the hair growth and bullying. She didn’t know the right way to shave, and using her mom’s razors and hair remover cream caused a bad burn once. Kids her age didn’t stop teasing her, which made her life even harder. She tried to cover up razor burns with makeup, but it didn’t work well.

At 18, while shaving her neck, she accidentally cut herself, which led to more hurtful words from others. It was tough for her to hide the reactions from shaving due to her school uniform, which made her feel uncomfortable and in pain.

Becca sought medical help, but it took many years for doctors to diagnose her PCOS. Besides the excess hair, she also suffered from extreme period pains, ovarian cysts, weight fluctuations, and fertility issues.

To help others understand and raise awareness about PCOS, Becca shared her shaving routine on TikTok. She talked about her worries of being a woman who shaves her face and how nervous she was about her husband’s reaction. However, she realized that her husband loved her for who she was, and that boosted her confidence.

Becca’s openness about her struggles has created a supportive community where women feel safe to share their difficulties. She encourages others not to let PCOS define their beauty or worth. Though she still shaves her face, she no longer lets the hair control her life. She believes there are more important things in life than worrying about appearances.

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Through her content, Becca hopes to inspire others who have PCOS, assuring them that they are not alone. Despite some suggestions for laser hair removal, Becca emphasizes that self-acceptance is more important than meeting society’s expectations.

Becca Wilks’ positive spirit and determination to empower women with PCOS have made a difference, fostering a community where embracing one’s uniqueness is celebrated. Her story serves as a beacon of hope, reminding others that their beauty comes from within and should not be defined by superficial standards.

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