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“PARASITES Feeding Off The Asylum System” Three Law Firms Falsifying Claims Shut Down

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Three law firms were found to be dishonestly helping illegal migrants enter and stay in the country. They were creating false stories to support asylum claims. The firms charged a lot of money, up to £10,000, for their services. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) took action and closed down these dishonest firms.

This revelation came to light through an investigation by The Daily Mail. The news has surprised many people because they didn’t expect the government to take action. The SRA’s move was praised by Richie Sunac and Lord Chancellor Alex Chalk, who said that such bad behavior must be punished.

The law firms used tricks to make their claims look true, like showing a drawer full of antidepressants as proof of mental health problems. They also took advantage of weaknesses in the government’s evaluation process.

People are upset about this situation. They think these law firms are like parasites, taking advantage of vulnerable people seeking asylum. The investigation showed that this is not an isolated issue, and there are likely more lawyers doing similar things across the country.

This news has caused public anger and demands for stronger measures to stop this fraudulent industry that revolves around the asylum system. Some people believe that only citizens of the country should get legal aid, not foreign nationals.

Many are worried that this problem is dividing communities, as hardworking citizens see illegal migrants receiving benefits while they struggle to make ends meet.

Now, people want the government to take action and fix the asylum system to make sure it helps those who genuinely need it and stops those who are trying to cheat the system.

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