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Meghan Markle Accuses Victoria Beckham of ‘Leaking Stories’ About Her and Prince Harry | Charles Rae

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has reportedly accused Victoria Beckham of being involved in leaking stories about her and Prince Harry to the media. Charles Rae, a prominent media personality, has been vocal about this brewing feud between the two high-profile personalities.

Sources close to Meghan Markle claim that she has grown increasingly paranoid about media leaks, believing that certain information about her private life and relationship with Prince Harry has been shared with journalists, and she suspects Victoria Beckham to be behind these alleged leaks.

The accusations have caused a strain on the once friendly relationship between the Sussexes and the Beckhams. Prince Harry, not one to shy away from confronting issues head-on, reportedly took the matter into his own hands and reached out to David Beckham, expressing concern over the alleged leaks.

However, the response from David Beckham was far from pleasant, with sources describing him as “absolutely furious” at the accusations against his wife. The tension between the two celebrity couples has escalated to a point where their friendship appears to be irreparably damaged.

As a result of this feud, invitations to significant events have been noticeably withheld.

The Sussexes were notably absent from Beckham’s son, Brooklyn’s wedding, and were also not invited to a high-profile football match, which featured several A-list celebrities, where David’s American football team made an appearance.

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