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We Paid £600,000 For a House, But We Later Discovered That The Environments Was Not Good For Our Children

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Locals in a posh housing development on the outskirts of Worcester are fuming as their dream homes turn into a living nightmare. Families paid up to £600,000 for homes in the newbuild estate three years ago, but the area still resembles a ‘glorified building site’ with incomplete roads and unsafe streets.

Residents, including Colin Jones, 68, who moved into his £400,000 home on Oakmont Drive in September 2020, are furious at the condition of the roads. The unfinished streets are filled with drains, potholes, and traffic cones, making it hazardous for families and children. The roads are so narrow and poorly designed that accidents seem inevitable, particularly near a local school located at the back of the estate.

Blame is being directed towards the developer, Elan Homes, and the Worcestershire County Council. Colin Jones and others have expressed their frustration at the constant delays in finishing the roads. Despite Elan Homes’ efforts to tarmac the roads, work has been repeatedly halted by the Worcestershire County Council Highways department. The council and the builder seem to be stuck in a cycle of finger-pointing, leaving the residents in despair.

Colin, like many others, fears the sorry state of the roads will make it impossible to sell his house and relocate. Worcester Highways has been continuously finding faults with the road construction, causing further delays and wasted expenses for the developer.

An anonymous resident remarked that the delays have made the whole experience a nightmare, and the unfinished roads are not only unsightly but also causing damage to people’s vehicles.

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Elan Homes has defended their road layout, stating that it was approved by the local authority and includes traffic calming measures. However, they admit that some remedial work is required before the roads and sewers can be adopted. Severn Trent Water clarified that the responsibility for the development lies with the council and the developer, not with them.

The Worcestershire County Council confirmed that the site is not yet adopted and that the developer is working on significant remedial work to meet the required highway standards.

The frustrated residents continue to hope for a swift resolution and completion of the roads, transforming their dream homes into a safe and fully functional living environment.

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