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Beckhams Reportedly Cut Ties with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle For Leaking Stories About Them- Rupert Reveals

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During a live interview with ITV News, Rubert revealed that former football star David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham, have apparently stopped talking to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also known as the Sussexes.

The reason behind this seems to be because the Sussexes believe that the Beckhams were telling stories about them to the media. These alleged leaks have caused tension, and the Sussexes wanted to keep their private life away from the public’s attention

According to Rubert: “By all accounts, the Beckhams have fallen out with Harry and Megan. Allegedly, the reason is that the Beckhams think Harry and Megan believe they were leaking stories about them. Supposedly, this has caused David Beckham to be quite angry. Consequently, they are no longer speaking, and their friendship seems to have been frozen out.

Rupert explained that “merkled” means being shut out of a friendship group. He suggested that the Sussexes’ pattern of losing touch with various celebrity circles in the US could indicate a sense of desperation in their efforts to make friends.

Comparing the Beckham and Sussex couples, Rupert noted that the Beckhams have managed to stay relevant through their fashion ventures and football team, while the Sussexes have faced challenges in finding their post-royal identity.

There have been reports of the Sussexes feeling isolated in the US. Previous incidents, like their alleged attempt to hitch a ride on the Biden’s plane after the Queen’s funeral, have fueled rumors about their growing isolation.

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