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I’m Trapped in this Bed. I want life so Badly Now- Woman On Hospital Bed Expressed Her Pains, Fears Condition Might Get Worst

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A woman with the username @LibbyMbcIam took to Twitter to share her heart-wrenching struggle with the world. Her heartfelt tweets have since become a focal point on the platform, drawing attention and empathy from countless users.

In her posts, @LibbyMbcIam revealed that she finds herself confined to her bed, uncertain when she might be able to regain her freedom. While she used to rely on something called O2, she now feels trapped, yearning for a life beyond her bedridden state.

Her deepest sorrow stems from observing others living their lives to the fullest, leaving her to wonder why her own body seems to have betrayed her. Her physical condition has led to fears of hospice care, intensifying her worries about getting worse and succumbing to her illness.

Enhertu, a treatment that held significant hope for her, unfortunately did not yield the results she had hoped for, leaving her with dwindling options.

Her Words: Iam here until sunday. Mayhe longer. I am no longer just tethered to o2 , i am now also trapped in this bed. I want life so badly now. I watch the world around me and wonder how all their bodies work properly while mine has managed to make thie lethal mistake. I am so scared by hospice. Scared if getting worse and sicker snd then dying. This fear is gnawing at me all day. Enhertu was my last big hope.

Upon sharing her poignant story, an overwhelming wave of compassion surged through the Twitter community. Users from all corners of the platform rallied together, offering words of comfort, prayers, and unwavering support to @LibbyMbcIam during her trying time.

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