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Home Office is Disorganized And They Struggling to Manage a Backlog of Asylum Seekers Cases About 175,000- Michael Crick (Video)

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During an interview with Talktv, prominent journalist and political commentator Michael Crick has raised concerns about the disarray in the UK’s asylum system. The Home Office is struggling to manage a backlog of asylum cases that has now reached an all-time high of 175,000. Meanwhile, dangerous boat arrivals continue, putting lives at risk and making the problem even more complex.

Despite the Home Secretary’s promise to clear this backlog by the end of the year and to stop boat arrivals before the next election, recent developments have cast doubt on whether these promises can be fulfilled.

One idea being discussed is to reevaluate the policy on identity cards, which has been abandoned and revived in the past due to concerns about civil liberties. Another significant issue is the arrival of people without proper identity documents, making it harder to process their claims and causing delays.

Despite long-standing disorganization within the Home Office, the challenges continue to burden Home Secretaries. As the global climate crisis worsens, the number of asylum seekers is expected to rise, making it clear that addressing the Home Office’s organizational problems and efficiently managing the growing backlog are urgent priorities. Comprehensive solutions remain a work in progress as the UK must adapt its policies to meet the evolving challenges of changing climate patterns and migration trends.

Below are some reaction from Viewers:


The Home Office needs to be replaced with people who have the will to do something about this crisis. They are adding to a crisis which has been out of control for years judging by the figures. For those without documents then they should not be allowed to enter. Try entering Australia without the proper documentation. These people destroy their documents which would prove who they are for a reason – economic migrants.


I have never worked anywhere that was corrupt , abusers or certain sexual preferences were promoted other than the Home Office , I told the truth and lost my job. My abusers kept their jobs and one of them is now an Assistant Director , she ignored harassment towards girls from at least one manager. People thought I would whistleblow and I was harassed and intimidated to the point I was made psychotic , suicidal, had to flee my home . That happened under Labour. The Lib Dems , cons , snp and others know about this and all say, it’s not my dept.

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Dingy leaves france full of migrants french navy escorts it to edge of french waters border force or the RNLI are on their way both french & British authorities know exactly how many are in the dingy.and who they are. Because if the dingy capsize.and theirs loss of life they know exactly who died .if they had no ideal who was in the dingy.they would not know who or how many died. Migrants now picked up by BF. or RNLI brought back to uk where coach is waiting to take them to hotel .and that’s the top and bottom of it .


ANYBODY REMEMBER JACK STRAW When he was in charge when 6 Arabs hi jacked a plane heading to another country and the hi jackers said take this plane to England and when it landed they claimed asylum. There was a stand off because they had guns and said they had a bomb as well. Jack Straw was saying on the TV news that the hi jackers are facing prison and there is no way that they are getting asylum the only thing they will get is 20 years in prison. Eventually when the hi jackers gave up to armed police they were whisked away and Jack Straw was saying right we have them now we will throw the book at them and asylum is out of the question. WHAT HAPPENED Well all Jack Straw,s big talk was a load of crap they ended up staying here. It was a few years later that ch4 I think it was tracked the high jackers down and they had never worked they said we are more or less destitute . But ch4 had been surveying them for weeks and it turned out a few had Mansions out in the country and a few had big costly apartments and they were driving around all of them in Brand new BMW’s some of them and a few had new Mercedes and Audi sports. When the ch4 showed them the videos and asked where they got the money from if they haven’t worked they walked out of the room. And it was true Ch 4 could not find one job any of them had done legally that is. When Jack Straw was being interviewed about something they brought this up about the hi jackers not being deported and giving asylum he would not answer. So this has been going back years they are all useless..

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