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Sleepy Bentley Driver Crashes into Parked Cars, Found Asleep in Bed by Police

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The Sussex Roads Police reported an amusing yet dangerous escapade involving a Bentley driver in Hove. The luxury car hit not one but two parked vehicles before the driver decided to flee the scene.

The police launched a search for the runaway driver, but what they discovered left them dumbfounded. The culprit was not found on the lam, instead, they were found comfortably fast asleep in their own bed! It appears that after the chaotic drive, the driver made their way home and dozed off, completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions.

However, the restful sleep was short-lived, as the law quickly caught up with them. Sussex Roads Police located the dozing driver and promptly took them into custody. Instead of their cozy bedroom, they found themselves spending the rest of the night in a much less inviting accommodation – cell 13.

The police department shared the amusing and cautionary tale on their Twitter page, warning others of the perils of fleeing the scene of an accident. They also reminded the public of the importance of responsible driving and the potential legal consequences for those who attempt to escape their responsibilities.

The Bentley driver will now have to face the repercussions of their joyride antics, as the police continue their investigation into the accident and any possible charges. One thing is for sure: this sleepy escapade will undoubtedly be a wake-up call for both the driver and others who come across this extraordinary tale.

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