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Meghan Markle is Treating Prince Harry like a SERVANT’ She Controls Everything, Harry Has Done Nothing Of Himself- Angela Levin Reveals During Gbnews Interview

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In a candid interview with GB News, royal expert Angela Levin revealed some concerning details about how Meghan Markle treats Prince Harry. Levin said Meghan seems to have a lot of power in their relationship and treats Harry like a ‘servant,’ not as an equal partner. Meghan compared their relationship to being “like salt and pepper, professionals,” always together but not on the same level.

Levin also talked about Harry’s upcoming trip to Africa, which could be tough for him. Africa holds special memories for the couple, as they spent time there early in their relationship. However, Meghan hasn’t gone back with him, and this might make the trip hard emotionally. Additionally, there’s a documentary about Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, in Africa, which could be sad for him, even after many years.

Levin suggested that Meghan’s strong influence over their life decisions might leave Harry feeling lonely during the trip. Meghan has been in control, and Harry has had little say. On top of that, there’s pressure to deliver content for their Netflix deal, which comes with a lot of money at stake.

Overall, Levin believes that Harry and Meghan’s relationship has changed a lot, and Meghan’s treatment of him has raised questions about equality in their marriage. The interview has sparked discussions about their roles and how they handle their personal and professional lives. As Harry goes to Africa, people will be watching closely to see how he manages this emotional journey and how it might affect their relationship.

The interview has caused strong reactions among viewers. People have been sharing their thoughts and opinions on social media and in various discussions:

@jeperstone: Henry is as he is because he’s spent his life surrounded by people like Angela, making excuses for him and treating him little a little boy who is a victim. He’s a nasty piece of work. He’s betrayed his family and his country for money and fame and did so with a smirk. Just because he has failed does not change that fact. He deserves all he has coming to him

@MsSparklesNGlitter: I hope this “marriage” is as miserable as possible for him. He was warned by nearly everyone not to marry her. He ignored all the warnings. She had no family(other than her mother) no college/childhood friends at her own wedding. He has never met his own father-in-law, his sister-in-law, his brother-in-law or anyone else in the Markle or Ragland family. She wanted a quick wedding. Those were all huge red flags that he ignored. So no sympathy for him.

@videostreaming4232 reacts: As much as I like Angela Levin this reporting is full of contradictions. First, it is claimed that Harry and Meghan are separated and then it is claimed that Harry can’t do anything without her. What is going to happen is that Harry won’t last as long in Africa and will cut short his filming. Bear in mind, the dubious article about Harry’s and Meghan’s separation always maintained the alleged separation had to do with external forces, like family feuds, ending of job contracts; nothing to do with their feelings for each other (even if feelings are just one-sided) implying the separation never had to do with lack of feelings for each other but really with work/circumstances (even if this is a lie).Therefore, separation: yes. Divorce: no. I am sure it is not the first time living apart. Many couples continue being married until a very late age even if they lead separate lives. I have seen way too many of those.

: The REAL reason they are both living in hotels is because they are looking for a home in Malibu. They realized the terrible decision to buy a house in Montecito being so far away from everything. Bet they haven’t really been living in the Montecito house for a very long time but in hotels closer to Los Angeles/Malibu. It all has to do with logistics. However, as per usual Meghan likes to spins things, and to falsely claim they are living in hotels because they are separated for good. It is convenient to claim this for her own individual branding

@jaynenyc1954: The power dynamic goes to the person who is more loved in a relationship. Guess Harry loves Megan more than she loves him. Ever since Harry married Megan, I’m realizing how unattractive and dumb this guy is, and the RF and their services have been covering his ass all his life. I’ve heard of wild parties he used to have before but who knew he was this dumb, whining & entitled? He “complains” the RF would lie for William to cover up his deeds but honestly, just look at Harry.. I am sure they have been covering up Harry’s stupidity all his life more than they did for Willam.

: I think this African doco could make or break him. He wouldn’t be alone – he would have offsiders/the film crew with him constantly. He won’t be a one man circus. He loves the country, he needs to extract himself from the claw, have some time out to remember who he is himself again, to grieve… It’s a big country, and he would be creating something positive, something he hadn’t done since he met Megsy baby. It would also be time out to reflect on his/her/their behaviour since they got together, and maybe even before they did. If he could just discover his genuine passion in life, be-it camera work or voiceover (though I don’t think I ever want to hear his voice, which I used to love, again!) or behind the scenes film work, or even painting Africa on a canvas, or just get clean, whatever, – just something he really, really discovers a passion for, it could change his perspective on life. He needs to get to know himself and work with himself from the inside out. Discover his passion, learn to enjoy his own company, – the internal stuff, and get that anchored first, then he can interact with the world again from the inside out, rather than what he’s/they’ve been doing, and looking at life from the outside in, desperately grasping at straws, buying awards, trying to look good/famous/important, creating catastrophes, making idiots of themselves, and being empty inside as they were depicted in South Park. Or am I just being naive?……

@ERMADELL: Harry was damaged a long time ago by his irresponsible parents (Charles AND Diana) and the system of entitlement and privilege he grew up in. Instead of parents, Harry had palace minders who cleaned up any trouble he caused or found himself in. He only knows he is a “prince of the blood” and nothing else. Before he ever laid eyes on Markle, he was moaning in a tv interview, a few years ago, about how hard he had it as a member of the royal family. So, no. Harry is not prepared for life outside the cocoon he grew up in. No moral compass, no sense of responsibility and no critical thinking skills. Somehow, those lessons escaped him and certainly were not demonstrated or taught by his parents. Harry, on the rebound from his previous girlfriend, was easily lured away from his family. He needs to be managed and Megan, like any good predator, identified the weakest member of the herd, cut him out and went in for the kill. However, Megan found out, the hard way, that her Prince is nowhere near as wealthy as she imagined (not the way she wants to spend money). When she has extracted every last cent she can extort from Daddy Charles, she’ll discard Harry and send him packing (with or without the imaginary children). No doubt Daddy Charles will take him back into the fold, but if William is on the throne when Harry returns, it may play out differently.

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