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Prince Harry And Meghan Should Leave Us Alone And Go Enjoy Their luxurious Montecito Mansion- Rupert Bell

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In a recent interview, Rupert Bell, a correspondent from TalkRadio, expressed his frustration with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s efforts to promote gender equality in advertising.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been actively supporting TV commercials that challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes. They also made a donation to a charity that works to promote gender equality issues.

During the interview, Bell pointed out that advertising norms are changing, and companies now need to be careful not to use stereotypes in their ads, or else their commercials might not be shown on TV.

While he recognized the importance of gender equality, he seemed worried that this new approach to advertising is being pushed too forcefully on people.

Bell made a plea to the royal couple, suggesting that they should focus on their own lives and leave the public alone.

He said they should enjoy their luxurious Montecito mansion and encourage each other to be brave, but at the same time, he seemed to want them to stay away from public activism.

The interview with TalkRadio’s royal correspondent, Rupert Bell, sparked a flurry of comments from the public. People had diverse opinions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s advocacy for gender equality in advertising.

@lp28487 reacted : Meagan is behind, way behind! Here in the states the Target Store (large chain store) in my community has already taken down signs that post toys as being Boy or Girl. This idea of male/female toys, work, jobs … is no longer an issue.
All of my friends get out there on weekends and do yard work, most of their husbands cook and in my household my husband and I share the household chores. And it is not divided by what is considered a man or woman’s job …. We just do it!
If these two grifters actually worked and raised their own children like the rest of us; I would have more respect for them. This nonsense of needed to address them by “His Royal Highness” and her as “Duchess” is complete manure. Plus a staff does their work.
Do they want to make money? Well my advice is for them to roll up their sleeves and work! Welcome to America Harry, yes it is only Harry

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@francesbernard2445: Now that there is a shortage of skilled trade workers is worse in the west compared to in India how important is it about who mows the lawn at home? Maybe if we had all listened to mother Theresa more often there would be enough young trademen available for work. So until then what are business owners supposed to do? Telling half of applicants or more to go home before they get to the interview to work as a tradesperson isn’t gong to help a shortage of skilled trades workers nor is it going to help solve the higher rates of unemployment of young people less than 30 years of age. I would have at one time for sure would have loved it if a man could have mowed the lawn himself for me with only a little lawn mower once.

@jayniekinser7029: I don’t think it’s bad for a woman to want to cook or to have a very traditional household where women are expected to cook. Women should know that going into a relationship if they’re gonna have to cook or not. My husband has always mowed the lawn and I’m really thankful. Now that we are retired, he does plenty cooking and cleans the house when inspired. He washes dishes and laundry. He’s a keeper. But in her younger years, it was all very traditional in our home and I never minded.

@ramonagoossen5008: Good grief, late to the party once again. Ads and gender stereotyping – ummmm hey kids, stop rewatching your Netflix special over and over and put the tv on regular scheduled programming. All I see nowadays are multiracial couples, single parents with adopted kids of a different race, dudes doing laundry or changing the baby, same sex couples and the list goes on. TV ads are where we see the most diversity these days because they write, film and show in such a short time frame and try very hard to keep up with their audience. It seems that there is no problem with representation in this area. No woke help needed.

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@joanbrown8639 : “SAD”….oh please, don’t insult your audience. “Cast Adrift” sympathy, give me a break, come on, you two, those two DESERVE to be cast adrift and much much much more. Let them learn from what they have done, let them feel the effects of the hurt and damage they relentlessly bestowed upon both sides of their families. Do not ever feel sorry for Harry and NEVER feel sorry for Meghan, fore if you do, you deserve everything coming your way, they will wring you out to dry and laugh and mock you on the way.

@lenageidenstam5462: Most people will break for a lot less. It’s not just the Netflix series, Oprah and ’Spare’. Archetypes. It’s really a lot more. Like all interviews, the award i dec 2022, for fighting against racism in RF! To say 14 days later, that the royals weren’t racist!???? To refuse to visit the Queen When she was dying, and they were in UK, without any engagement. To not follow the rules with the birth of archie, yet crave taxpayers money and title. Allegedly Oprah Ask if they wanted postpone the interview broadcast, because of Prince Philips illness, but they said no! When his funeral was, Harry couldn’t stay for the queens birthday a few days later.
You can go on and on, it has happened to much, H&M don’t even really or denys it, every single thing has hurt the RF and that was their goal, everybody knows that.

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